Creative people generally do not create in just one area. They are explorers. One day they dip their hands in ink and paint to find themselves the next day scrapbooking, taking photos or writing poetry. Via the Internet, artists from all over the world inspire each other with their work, opening doors to even more creative possibilities and techniques. FEATURING wants to bring these creative worlds together on paper!

FEATURING is a printed magazine, a quarterly publication that highlights various forms of art in text and pictures. FEATURING showcases work from amateurs – who make the most wonderful artpieces but don’t dare to call themselves ‘artists’ – as well as from ‘professionals’ who make a living from their passion. FEATURING offers it more than you can imagine: artists from all over the world, handmade books, mixed media, scrap layouts, photos… you name it. Readers will also enjoy glimpses into studios, background stories and insightful interviews: Oh, and don’t forget inspiration. You will definitely find a lot of inspiration!

FEATURING is an international magazine with the publisher based in the Netherlands and an international team.

Meet the team