Meet the team

Marit Barentsen - The Netherlands

Born of creative parents, Marit spent her childhood writing, drawing and photographing at the seashore. It was no wonder she graduated as a teacher in the arts. When asked, she refers to herself as an "old hippie". She prefers the music from the sixties as well as the bright colours like orange and red. She’s a passionate art journal artist and writer. When Marit is not creating art herself, she’s either blogging, visiting her beloved 'Zeeland' or teaching art journaling workshops. She loves to inspire other people to create something every day.
Marit's color palette:
'Sunday morning coffee'
Marit loves:
the dunes and the North Sea in autumn, when the beach is wide and deserted.

Marit hates:
loud music in cars

Marit's blog:
Marit's Blog

Annemarie Rodriguez - Missouri, USA

How to narrow down Annemarie's life to one paragraph, especially when life is pulling her in so many different directions. When it comes down to the nuts and bolts, you can say that Annemarie is a person who has never “found herself” professionally (bookkeeper, secretary, sales consultant, aerobics instructor, elementary school teacher, professor.) However, the one constant in her life has been creativity. From the first paper mouse she made in kindergarten, past the crocheted potholders and scarves in elementary school, to the art journals she keeps now; her fingers are always looking for something productive to do.
Annemarie’s color palette:
'My aunt’s favorite peacock feather'
Annemarie loves:
driving with no map and no destination in mind

Annemarie hates:
sorting socks

Anemarie's blog:
So I was just thinking

Katie Turner - Indiana, USA

Katharina "Katie" Turner was born in Berlin, Germany in 1987 and is what she calls a "wayward graphic design student." Largely self-taught, she is a mixed media artist, scrapbooker, and web designer who doesn't believe in mistakes. As an international girl, she is excited to work with artists from all around the globe. When she isn't writing/creating, she can be found cuddling her feline "life partner" of over a decade, Oreo DeBubs. A currently single Virgo, she describes her style as progressive and rejects labels. She is committed to being a lifelong learner/experimenter. This is definitely reflected in her work.
Katie's color palette:
'Canary at Sea'
Katie loves:
scouring supermarkets with her best friend in the middle of the night.

Katie hates:
high-waisted jeans.

Katie's blog:

Marcia Beckett - Wisconsin, USA

Marcia lives in Madison, Wisconsin (USA) with her husband Andrew and her darling daughter Daria. She teaches art full-time at a school for gifted and talented children. In her free time, she enjoys snuggling with her dog Linus, painting with her toddler, playing games and dabbling in all sorts of art experiments. Her favorites are watercolors, art journaling and acrylic paints.
Marcia's color palette:
'Red Configuration'
Marcia loves:
avocados, Sharpie markers, mocha frappuccinos, Sesame Street, Diet Pepsi and Wheel of Fortune

Marcia hates:
mushrooms, chalkboards, shrimp, escalators, regular coffee

Marcia's blog:

Jennifer McLean - British Columbia, Canada

Jenn has lived in many places across Canada and now calls Vancouver Island her home. Although she received her degree in Psychology what she really wanted to be was an artist. Through the process of finding her niche Jenn has dabbled in nearly all forms of art and craft from Ukrainian Easter Eggs to designer wedding cakes. She has found her happiness in painting, drawing and blogging. Jenn is self taught in all her artistic endeavors, including painting. She is now expanding outward to mixed media and art journaling and loving the artistic journey of discovery.
Jenn's color palette:
'My Happy Place'
Jennifer loves:
rain, chocolate, ducks, hazelnut coffee, purchasing art supplies, tree hugging, a good sense of humor.

Jennifer hates:
gluten, liars and the fact that chocolate makes her fat.

Jennifer's blog:
Just Add Water, Silly

Marius Siroen - The Netherlands

After years of working for a boss, Marius started his own business in the late eighties, and he never looked back. His small graphic communications company has flourished due to his expertise in computers and design. Marius is the technician of the FEATURING team. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music or spending hours on the phone with friends, discussing politics and "the world" in general. In him, knowledge, skills and a sharp mind come together.
Marius' color palette:
Marius loves:
One Nation Underground (1967)
Rock Bottom (1974)

Marius hates:
'Locked deep inside'

Marius' website:
Marius Siroen Grafische Communicatie