Featuring Magazine Issue 1


Size: 8.27″ x 11.69″
72 pages

In FEATURING issue #1:

In the spotlight
Andrea Joseph is an artist from the UK. You won’t believe when you hear which tools she uses for her art: ballpoints! We wanted to know everything about her and her way of working – and interviewed her for the magazine. Andrea is our ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

Hybrid Art
Rosie Rowe packed most of her tools because she is waiting to move houses. She stayed creative by using the computer as her outlet… she went digital, and discovered new ways by combining her ‘paper’ art with ‘digital art’.

Very Important Project
‘It’s scrapbooking, but not as we know it.” In our first issue, Julie Kirk describes why this particular layout is a Very Important Project to her…

Featured Blogger
Natalie Malik is our featured blogger! Art journaling is what prompted Natalie to start a blog in 2009. Why blog? Read her answers in the debut issue.

Stepping into the Labyrinth
Lea Goode-Harris is the Founder of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation and the artist-creator of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth. Lea lectures and directs workshops focused on labyrinths, AND she wrote an article for FEATURING.

Copyright dos, don’ts and risks!
Art journaling and Mixed Media artists often use someone else’s images (photos, pictures from magazines) in their artwork. Is that allowed? How about copyright? FEATURING interviewed copyright lawyer A.P. Groen and asked him everything about intellectual property, fair use, derivative works and infringing copyright.

Sleep, Dreams, and Journals
Why do dream haunt us? We often remember only fragments of our dreams upon waking. Katie collaborated with Mumkaa and Francisca Pageo for this article. The three artists made art pieces based on the theme ‘Sleep and Dreams’ which lead to wonderful artpieces.

Billing itself as ‘the world’s handmade marketplace’ Etsy is popular among artists and crafters. FEATURING brings an interesting article about this online store. Thinking about starting your own Etsy shop? Curious to read opinions and experiences? Then this is the read for you!

The Butterfly Project
The Butterfly Project is an art project hosted by Holocaust Museum Houston. Many artists, including Jennifer McLean, Dion Dior, Diane Rank and Tracey Fletcher King, participated in the project and send in their artsy butterflies. Jennifer wrote an article about this project for FEATURING.

The Gift
Jill Zaheer and Seth Apter brought together their work, and this collaboration turned out in what can be called an extraordinary project. Art and poetry and poetry and art… – their art journals went back and forth between each other for about two years. Jill and Seth tell their story in a long interview in our debut issue.

Into the Studio
“Don’t we all love to peek in someone else’s studio? We know we do!
Micheal Mew is an artist from Oakland, California. He is a modern day treasure hunter and makes large collages in which he combines historical and personal imagery. He was so kind to let FEATURING take a look around in his studio.”

Message from Swaziland
Jennifer Rikkers went on an amazing and emotional journey through Swaziland – Africa. When she returned, she created art as an extension of her experience.

Doodling! Marcia Beckett wrote an article about how you can used doodling in your own art. She shows you different styles and techniques and gives you tips to try.

Wanna Trade?
Sooner or later, an artist will come across this phenomenon: Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). These miniature pieces of art are popular these days, but what is an ATC exactly? Wat is the purpose of making such small cards and where did they come from? FEATURING dug into the concept. All ATCs in the article are made by Glenda Tkalac.

FEATURING offers everyone the opportunity to get artwork published in the magazine. We like to show a varia of art from all over the world!
For our THEME GALLERY, we give our readers a theme to work with – to interpret in their own way. A selection of the submitted works are published in the magazine.
The theme for issue 1 was ‘Cheering, Stomping and Applauding’

View of the World
We ask each contributor in the magazine to make a photo from the ‘view’ from where they live. We combine all those photos on one ‘view of the world’ page… This spread gives a nice and international overview of ‘the world’ that the artists live in.

A PICTURE’S WORTH… is a category that shows photos accompanied by self written poetry or text. Issue 1 shows a photo by Nout van Deijck and a poem (Tanka) by Johanna Kruit.