Featuring Magazine Issue 2


Size: 8.27″ x 11.69″
72 pages

In FEATURING issue #2:

In the spotlight
Michelle Reuss is the epitome of the multi-media artist. Her creativity is boundless as she moves steadily forward in both life and art. Michelle Reuss is wholly driven to continue to find new ways of expressing herself artistically. Michelle is our ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

Star Witness
What could be more personal then being your own photo model on a lay-out or art journal page? Katie shows how she portrays different characters from a song’s lyrics, featuring herself in every role of the story she tells.

As soon as people learn how it is really done, they realize Zentangle is nothing like doodling. Linda Farmer, Certified Zentangle Teacher and founder of the popular website TanglePatterns.com, shares her knowledge with FEATURING and our readers.

Coming Home
With poetic texts and photos, Marit Barentsen takes us on a tour through her home.

Featured Blogger
Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow guides her blog readers with tutorials, art journaling prompts, challenges, inspirational photographs and interesting quotes. Tammy is our featured blogger!

Chute De Strings
The work of nineteen year old Cédric De Smedt is like nothing you have ever seen before. His is a unique vision which explains what it means to be young in today’s Europe. Cédric’s subject matter raises a lot of questions. FEATURING was happy to ask him about his thoughts and motivation.

Into the Studio
Don’t we all love to peek into someone else’s studio? Jennifer Beinhacker is a mixed media and collage artist who works with paint and found objects – from street trash like concrete and glass to bones and teeth. Her studio is jam-packed with the most bizarre objects!

A Teenager with a Camera
Eleanor Bennet is a sixteen-year old, award winning, internationally exhibited and published photographer whose work is a passion, an art and a burgeoning career.

Very Important Project
Katie’s mixed media painting became something more than odds and ends and words written in permanent marker: It became a promise. “That is not who I am anymore, but this is who I am going to be.”

There Will be Days Like This
In ‘A Letter to Those Who Are Stuck,’ Caatje Winkelman outlines her views on creative art and maps out the process and roadblocks artists may encounter – the beginners as well as the more experienced ones.

The Twitter Key Project
When Josie George laid her hands on a box of old keys, she started The Twitter Key Project. Whimsical, romantic, horror… all kinds of stories came her way in 140 characters or less. Read about this project in FEATURING.

Khama Ghani!
Rajasthan, India, is the birthplace of henna art. Priya Krishnamurthy shares the story of her trip to Jaisalmer and how she came into contact with this form of art.

The Journey We Needed To Take
“As I was packing my studio, it dawned on me that I really needed to journal this journey since everything was so uncertain. I grabbed one of my new Visual Journals that I had been saving for some life-changing event and this was definitely it!” Photos and the complete story in FEATURING.

Stone Folk
Jenny de Bode sees faces! No, nothing to be scared about – she sees them in ‘ordinary’ stones. However, to Jenny, stones are never ‘ordinary.’ Read the article and you will never look at a pebble the same as you did before.

FEATURING offers everyone the opportunity to get artwork published in the magazine. For our THEME GALLERY, we give our readers a theme to interpret in their own way. A selection of the submitted works is published in the magazine. The theme for issue 2 was ‘The Road Ahead…’

Mapping it Out
FEATURING magazine caught up with three artists who use actual maps as elements in their mixed media art: Mary C. Nasser, Tofu and Karey Kessler. Each of these artists explores using maps in their own way to tell a story or to make a statement.

View of the World
We asked each contributor in the magazine to take a photo of the ‘view’ from where they live. We combined  the photos on one ‘view of the world’ page… This spread gives a nice and international overview of ‘the world’ that the artists live in.

A PICTURE’S WORTH… is a category that shows photos/art accompanied by self-written poetry or text. Issue 2 shows a monotype and found poetry by Marit Barentsen.