Featuring Magazine Issue 3


Size: 8.27″ x 11.69″
72 pages

In FEATURING issue #3:

Paper Paintings
Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson is an inspiring, prolific and successful collage artist. She taught herself a special collage technique, directional ripping. She calls her work “paper paintings” and viewing her art is indeed like looking at a painting – until you take a closer look and discover all the little scraps of paper that the art is built up with.

Monotypes Go Mainstream
Monotypes are hot at the moment, but what is a monotype? Linda Germain is an artist who works with monotypes. She teaches gelatin plate and printmaking workshops and wrote an article for FEATURING in which she shared her knowledge.

Bicycles and Wheels Around Town
All through the magazine, you’ll find photos from the series “Bicycles and Wheels Around Towns” by Angela Niman.

Full Disclosure
The Dutch rock band The Gathering released their latest album “Disclosure” last September. The album cover was designed by Carlos Vergara Rivera . How did this collaboration between a Dutch rock band and a Chilean artist come about? An interview with a member of the band as well as with the artist gives us an in-depth look.

Poetry, Hidden and Found
Quinn McDonald is a writer whose journal art is inspired by words. She wrote an article for FEATURING about found poetry – including tips that will make you want to start searching for hidden poems right away.

Somebody’s Got To Do It
FEATURING had the unique opportunity to interview Leslie Ohnstad, the owner and product designer of LuminArte, maker of Twinkling H2O’s, Silks Acrylic Glaze and other art paints. We asked her a plethora of questions to find out just what makes her tick.

An Artist in Berlin
Stephanie Drömer uses her photographs as both a well of inspiration and a support for drawing material. Her art includes photography, collage and multimedia work.

Create to the Music
What happens when music evokes emotion in an artist’s heart? The answer to this can be found during an international event – and in this article.

The Art of Motherhood
To learn how mothers balance their family and creative work, FEATURING interviewed three moms who are also artists.

They Call Me Mr. Hosta
Jennifer found outlets for her creativity in every kind of craft, but it was not fulfilling. The problem was, all she wanted to do was PAINT. She was just too afraid to try. Read how Jennifer overcame her fear.

Spontaneous Acts of Creation
Historical art periods continue to inspire artists today. Read about Dada and enjoy beautiful, Dada-inspired photo collages.

An Extraordinary Exhibition
A Brazilian sculptor shares how the memory of old video games inspired him years later to organize a special exhibition.

Three Journals
We gave three similar, plain journals to three different artists. Each artist lives in a different country and works in a different style. Find out what they did when we let them loose on the raw, grey pages.

Featured Blogger
Hanna Andersson, known as iHanna, is a Swedish artist who experiments with everything from mixed media paintings to embroidery and textile artwork. Her blog is a great place to find daily inspiration. Hanna is our FEATURED BLOGGER.

Love Me Do
Angela Niman, a photographer from Manchester, traveled to Liverpool in honor of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles. She captured the highlights in beautiful photos.

Into the Studio
Michelle LaPoint Rydell works full-time during the day, but at night you can find her creating in her studio. “My studio is my sanctuary. I surround myself with things that make me feel happy, so just being in there is bliss.” Michelle shows us around.

View of the World
We asked each contributor in the magazine to take a photo of the ‘view’ from where they live. We combined the photos on one ‘view of the world’ page… This spread gives a nice, international overview of ‘the world’ where the artists live.

A PICTURE’S WORTH… is a category that shows photos/art accompanied by self-written poetry or text. Issue 3 shows work made by Suzan Masoud that pays homage to a Frida Kahlo painting.