Featuring Magazine Issue 4


Size: 8.27″ x 11.69″
72 pages

In FEATURING issue #4:

Fotografía Pintada
Maria Prados, a young ‘artista’ from Spain, expresses herself in a most special way. Although the techniques themselves – photography and painting – may be well known, the way Maria combines these two fields leads to art that transcends the ordinary.

Sandra van Doorn is an illustrator. One day, Mademoiselle walked into her studio. From that moment on, Sandra and Mademoiselle were inseparable. Together they make the world more beautiful.

Blueberry Muffin Studio
“Inexpensive therapy” is how Miranda Robb describes the benefits of art journaling. Using sketches, cutout phrases and magazine images, Miranda works through her emotions and life story. We took a peek into her art journals and got to know her better.

The Kingdoms of TIMothy
TIMothy Bruehl is a painter living in San Diego. His goal for his series 500 Kings in 500 Kingdoms is to create 500 individual canvases that work together as a whole. The canvases feature various cities (kingdoms) and are represented by symbolism and landmarks

The Fear Project
Everybody is afraid of something, whether you want to admit it or not. What fears do you have? Could you create an artwork showing your fears? Maybe you would rather have Julie Elman illustrate your anxieties. Julie has illustrated over 100 fears. She calls this series her Fear Project.

Creative Change
Is it a column? Is it some sort of tutorial? Tips and tricks or a wise lesson? We don’t know what to call this page yet, but Tammy Garcia has been given the freedom to fill it, and she has done just that in her own, colorful and uplifting way.

Wearable Art
Lexi Dali and Marjorie Schick make sculpture jewelry that becomes art to be worn on the human form.

Julia Dunnit is the founder of WOYWW, a blog series that she started on her weblog. The funny acronym means What’s On Your Work desk? Wednesday and in four years, the series has grown into an immensely popular sort of ‘event’ that attracts many readers and participants every week.

How I Did It
In the course of self-publishing her book, Emily Marks became aware that the trend of self-publishing has become extremely popular. She describes the stages she went through to make her book a reality.

No Brain for Math and Science
Robert Stockton works in mixed media, using “found” materials as well as traditional artist’s materials. His fascination is with the imaginative or unusual juxtaposition of textures, patterns, and colors. Robert is an amiable man, and inspiring artist and an immersive storyteller. FEATURING had a long interview with him.

Amelia & Marta: Artist Sisters
It isn’t unusual for multiple artists to come from one family, but in most cases there is a parent or grandparent that sets the example. With the Krzeszowska sisters, Amelia and Marta, this is not the case. These young women are the first artists in the family.

Aleksandra Kabakova
Aleksandra Kabakova, an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, creates sensitive, delicate images with gorgeous detailed black lines and splashes of color. Inspired by common things, she tries to catch the beauty of simplicity.

Mail Art
After we’d announced a call for mail art, a variety of mail started to arrive at FEATURING’s headquarters. The diversity shows that the subject ‘mail art’ can be widely interpreted. What is it exactly? To shine a light on the mail art movement, we interviewed Ruud Janssen, a Dutch Fluxus and mail artist and founder of the “International Union of Mail-Artists” (IUOMA).

Bright Colors, Dark Images
Laura West’s paintings look bright and colorful at first glimpse. However, when you look closer, the images gravitate towards darker imagery. The macabre excites Laura’s artistic senses, and she finds that strong emotions imbue her art. Read this article about a remarkable artist.

Lisa Cheney’s Visual Journals
Lisa Cheney (aka Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen) is a well-known art journal artist. Her personal and sometimes raw art journal pages raise curiosity about the woman behind these pages. We asked her a plethora of questions to find out more about her.

View of the World
We asked each contributor in the magazine to take a photo of the ‘view’ from where they live. We combined the photos on one ‘view of the world’ page… This spread gives a nice, international overview of ‘the world’ where the artists live.

A PICTURE’S WORTH… is a category that shows photos/art accompanied by self-written poetry or text. Issue 4 shows work that contains a found poem, made by Miranda Robb.