In the Spring of 2012, an inspiring magazine saw the light: FEATURING.
FEATURING is a printed magazine that can be ordered online only.
FEATURING will appear as a quarterly publication.

This magazine  provides a stage for all kinds of artists. With each issue, we bring our readers a view on creativity in all its forms. The focus mainly lays on art journaling and mixed media, but other types of art are highlighted as well. FEATURING brings a  spectrum of art-related articles and stories. You will enjoy pages jammed with collaborative projects, glimpses of studios, interviews, background stories, layouts, paintings, photos, poetry and much, much more!

There are many people whose work stays out of the spotlight. These people remain a bit in the background, but in silence, they create amazing art pieces. FEATURING is especially interested in these artists – their work, their stories and their sources of inspiration. So ‘silent ones’…come forward. Let us know you are there and submit your work! It might end up in the magazine! Oh, and all you not so silent friends, we love to hear from you, too. The more the merrier, we like to say.

Curiosity is a prerequisite for an artist. FEATURING is born from that. FEATURING is curious.
Curious about YOU!