The space on the back of a magazine is often used for a big ad. We want to give this custom a unique and creative twist by dividing the space into square inches, which we will sell to you – our readers! For a small price ($ 10 per square inch – € 7,50) we give you the opportunity to get your name out and show of your art work on an inchie (or more inchies, if you prefer). There will be no commercial ads on the back cover of FEATURING. Instead, we ring out the magazine with one last, inspiring page that will be a feast for the eye.

What you need to know

Every artist can buy a square inch space on the back cover to show his or her artwork. You do not have to own a shop, or even sell your work, to buy the inchie space and show your art.

You can buy as much ‘inchies’ as you like, either to show different art works or to show your work on a bigger size. (for instance: two inchies next to each other to show a rectangular shaped piece of art, four inchies that make a bigger square etc.)

All names of the ‘back cover artists’ will be published at the bottom of the page or on the inside of the back cover. The name does not have to be on the photo itself (as on this size it would hardly be readable.)

The inchie page will also be published on the FEATURING website (until the next issue is out) together with the names and website (or blog) adresses of all the ‘back cover artists’.

The real life size of the artwork doesn’t have to be an ‘inchie’. You can choose to show
a bigger art work like a scrapbook layout or painting and scale/crop it to a small inchie size.
It is completely up to you what you submit, as long as the submitted photo is square and at least 300 x 300 pixels.

Of course you can create new artwork to show, but you are free to send a photo of an older piece of art too.

Some of you might find it hard to picture their art on such a small size. Also, be aware of the fact that text doesn’t really show on this size. To get an idea of how your artwork will look on a square inch, we  recommend you print the image you want to submit on a 1 x 1 inch size for yourself so you have an idea of how it will look like.