FEATURING offers you the opportunity to get your artwork published in the magazine.
We like to show a varia of art from all over the world! Therefore, journaling that appears on your work in another language is no problem at all. After all, the language of art is universal!

Submit your artwork by emailing photos of your work to:


For  publications, please adhere to the submission guidelines that follow:


Don’t send high resolution images yet! Upon acceptance, we would require high quality photographs (high resolution digital images: at least 300 dpi at 8½” x 10″) so be sure you have those waiting in the wings. Ensure your photos have the artist’s name in the title. (For example: “jane-doe-painting01” and “jane-doe-painting01-detail”)

Include your name, address, country and e-mail address in your email.

We are not responsible for unsolicited materials sent to us through the mail. Do not send original photos/artwork that you would be disappointed to have lost or damaged in transit.

For collaborative projects, it is the responsibility of the submitting artist to get permission from each participant prior to submission. Photos should be named after the artist who made the artwork.

There are several different categories for which you can provide submissions.
(If you submit artwork or photos for one of the following categories: please put the title of the category in the subject line of your email.)


A PICTURE’S WORTH… is a category that shows photos accompanied by self written poetry or text. Take out those cameras and pens and get busy! (If the photo shows people, be sure you have permission for publication from the individuals on the photo before submission!)
Deadline: Ongoing

JOINT PROJECTS is a category that shows off collaborative projects. From ATC swaps to circle journals, photo projects or artsy correspondence ─ we want to see it!
Deadline: Ongoing

Our V.I.P. (Very Important Project) category handles art projects that have a special meaning to you, the artist. For instance, it marks a closure to a certain period, or it meant a step in another (art) direction. It can be an art journal page, a completed journal, a photo series or a painting. In fact, any creative project goes. We want to know all about its history and personal significance!
Deadline: Ongoing

CREATIVE SPACES We wonder how artists organize their studios. Where do you store your paper and canvases? How do you keep your pens and paint? Whether you work in a large studio, a basement, a small room or even a closet we would love to take a peek into your creative space! Send photos of your studio, and maybe you will be chosen for an interview in an article that shows off your creative space!
Deadline: Ongoing


If you have an unique artistic idea that you want to write an article about, please send an email  outlining your article idea. Attach a photo or include a link if your idea is based on a technique or certain artwork. We seek first-rate projects and encourage artists who have not published articles before to submit ideas.