The articles are written in a fresh-blogger style with details that reminded me of how different Europe is than America.  You never have the idea that you are being rushed through the story, and there are enough wonderful images to be satisfying and tempting to join in whatever is being discussed.
– Quinn McDonald, USA

The physical quality of this magazine (large size, glossy pages, professional layout) is special.
– Seth Apter, USA

I think it’s a very ambitious publication full of great written material and some inspiring eye candy.
Also, I’m really impressed with how profesional it looks and feels. […] It’s not a how-to-magazine and I think that is a good thing. […] Featuring magazine is very nice!
iHanna, Sweden

I was THRILLED with Featuring magazine (and I’m not easy to impress!) I loved EVERYTHING about the premiere issue. I love the feel of the paper, the uncluttered look of the pages, the definite lack of too much advertising (which gives the other magazines I read a very cluttered and confusing look.) I loved the in depth articles, I love the topics and artists featured. This is the magazine I have been waiing for.
– robin cox walsh, USA

I received the copy of my issue today and it is GORGEOUS! […] I shall definitely be buying future issues, you have a real treasure there.
– Josie George, United Kingdom

Here’s what I love about Featuring in a nutshell: it has depth.  It isn’t a mash-up of endless ads and beautiful fluff nor is it a clique-y forum for well-established artists to show off their latest products. Featuring magazine lets the artists’ voices shout from the rooftops.  […] a much-needed breath of fresh air for the art magazine world.
– Michelle Remy-Reuss, USA

[…] and as a bonus it was so good to read a magazine without a single spelling mistake.
Jez Eden, United Kingdom

FEATURING is a fabulous publication, I am enjoying every minute of devouring the edition from cover to cover. Each issue of the magazine will take a permanent place on my book shelf I’m sure.
Elizabeth Druce, United Kingdom

I am a big fan of Featuring.
– Sam Farman Australia

[…] would just like to say that all of you at Featuring continue to outdo yourselves. […] What continues to amaze me about your magazine is the breadth of incredible art and words you are able to cram into a mere 76 pages, cover-to-cover.  Featuring is helping to create a real sense of community among art journaling, mixed media artists, and others, which crosses not only geographical borders, but artistic borders, as well.  […]  It is my belief, that there is not another art magazine, anywhere in the world as vibrant and original as yours!
– Robert Stockton, USA

PURE AWESOMENESS!!!! I like starting the day like that!
– Sabrina Sérac, France

Gorgeous pages, amazing outlook and impressive content from all around the world!
Priya Krishnamurthy, India

Just LOVE FEATURING! It’s gorgeous, smart, polished and so creative in its content, visual display and the articles! You have a real WINNER here.
– Jill Zaheer, USA

I am amazed and inspired by [an article about] collage painting […] The article on monotypes let me know there is another form of expression I can explore […] That makes two new approaches to making art that I am going to explore thanks to FEATURING. […] I could go on like this about every article, but there is so much great content this would be pages long just describing how I am experiencing it. – I have read it through twice already. – This is the best yet, and I am already anticipating how much I will enjoy the next issue!
Cindy Peterson, USA

That is what is so cool about Featuring — that international flair!
– Terri L. Stephens USA